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People have a lot of different clients who have different requirements. Some may be regularly making purchases in the market both globally and locally. Some may be using it just for a few basic necessities from time to time. Some may use credit cards mostly for gas or for flying. Based on your needs there are different types of credit cards. They will vary on the offers on them such as cash back or a rewards scheme, their interests rates will be varied, they may come with an annual fee or no fees at all and they may be having various credit limit.

Credit cards allow you to have a revolving balance. This revolving balance could be based on a credit limit on the card. In a standard credit card you would be expected to close the balance within a certain period or a part of it on a due date to avoid accruing interests on it. In case you miss a payment or are late on it, an interest amount is added to your outstanding balance.

In case you wish to acquire a premium credit card such as a gold or platinum card there are other conditions associated with it. These premium cards firstly have higher rates of interest and also higher fees to be paid on it. There are zero interest cards, student credit cards, travel cards and cash back offer cards in the market all of which are part of premium cards. They would also need the individuals to have a basic salary of a certain amount as well as a high credit score.

The Bryant State master card is a card that is offered to people with a fair or a good credit score. In this card there is an introductory balance transfer rate of 3.25% for 6 months. People may also use this card all over the world with emergency cash advance available as well. There is constant access online and also no liability in case of fraud. For those people looking to consolidate their credit card bills into a single card, this card may work well and the 6 months of low interest give ample time to clear off the accumulating debts. It is also possible to find 0 interest on balance transfer and for a period of a year. Eligibility of course will vary so do be sure to investigate all clauses before opting to change to a new card.