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News: Get 20,000 points or $200 With Amex Offers for Business -

Do you have an American Express business credit card? Are you thinking about spending some money with AT&T Wireless for Business? If the answer is yes to these questions you may want to check out your Amex Offers account to see if you are eligible for their latest deal - one that will either net you 20,000 rewards points or a $200 statement credit. With this offer cardholders must spend $200 or more with AT&T Wireless for Business. The deal is available from now until December 7th, 2018.

People interested in checking out this deal, simply log into their American Express account or their mobile app to see if it's listed in their offers. If it is they can load the deal onto their American Express business credit card. When it's time to pay their AT&T bill they need to use the credit card they loaded the deal on to, so they can get either the $200 statement credit or the 20,000 bonus points.

Amex Offers are often targeted toward different cards and cardholders, so not all deals are available to everyone. That said, with this offer people may either get cash back or rewards points, but in some cases, they may get a choice. In general, it is important to take a close look at the offer you choose so you know what deal you are getting and what you have to do to get it.

Getting started with Amex Offers

These kinds of deals can be rather lucrative and make checking out Amex Offers attractive to consumers. To get started people simply log into their account on the American Express website or the American Express Mobile app. Once in the system, they can browse through the different offers currently available to them.

When they find one they like, they click on it and at that point, it's loaded onto their credit card. All that is left to do is pay for the service or merchandise using their credit card. It's important to point out that cardholder need to use the credit card attached to the offer otherwise they won't get the cash back or points.

Offers without limits

Are there limits on how many offers you can load on to your card? The answer is no, people can use as many offers as they like - the sky is the limit.

People can also use their mobile app to check out offers while they are on the go because it knows where they are located. This way they can earn cash back or points while eating out, shopping or traveling.

To learn more about Amex Offers people can visit the website.