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News: Getting Personal with Business Travel -

Traveling for business can be a real pleasure for 91% of people, according to the inaugural American Express Business Travel Survey, with 57% saying that it actually makes their job more interesting. Getting in some face time with customers, colleagues and others also gets a big thumbs up from travelers too, with 62% reporting that it is their favorite aspect of traveling for business – and it often helps them seal the deal.

“Most U.S. business travelers feel that face-to-face meetings are essential to achieving their business objectives and thus it is important that business travel be a stress-free and seamless experience,” said Shane Berry, senior vice president, Global Client Group, Global Commercial Payments at American Express.

“Supporting business travelers, by continuing to innovate premium travel services that encourage productivity, connectivity and relaxation, can have a lasting impact on executive well-being as well as increasing their company’s bottom line,” he said.

The upside and downside of business travel

While business travelers are enjoying themselves and doing lots of business, somethings can make being productive on the road hard. In keeping with this theme 77% of people said that last minute travel delays were problematic, with tech or connection issues (61%) coming in second, while changing agendas and locations (60%) at the last minute was a close third.

That said there are executive travel services that business travelers rely on to help them reduce these travel issues, including:

• Business Class travel (58%)

• Being able to take advantage of hotel ‘club floors’ designed for business travelers (47%)

• Airport lounges (46%)

For 67% of people delving into new cultures and seeing new countries is one of the top three things they enjoy when traveling for business. Right behind enjoying the culture comes upping their cultural skill-set (49%) and connecting with new people (40%).

The study’s findings went one step further, with 53% saying that their level of well-being is upped when they go sightseeing or enjoy local culture during their off time.

Yet sleep is an issue for 56% who say they don’t catch enough Z’s when traveling, whether due to jet lag or the change in their normal routine.

Knowing the culture

When traveling abroad, 86% of business travelers said doing their homework about the local customs and culture was a big help when it came to meeting their business goals.

Some aspects are more important than others, with the top three being:

• Knowing how to properly address people (46%)

• Dressing appropriately (44%)

• Being aware of the different communication styles (39%)

The inaugural American Express Business Travel Survey took place from August 10 to 23. They interviewed 251 people living in the United States who have traveled for business at least five times over the last 12 months.