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News: New Travel Benefits for Mastercard World and World Elite Cardholders -

Mastercard has upped the ante when it comes to travel for Mastercard World and World Elite cardholders by adding two new benefits into the mix. Now cardholders get access to Mastercard’s Hotel Stay Guarantee and Lowest Hotel Rate Guarantee, both geared toward making sure people get the vacation they were envisioning and the most out of their money.

These new services are designed to give World and World Elite cardholder’s a safety net when traveling and take some of the financial risks out of the travel equation. With the Hotel Stay Guarantee if a cardholder has an issue when staying at a hotel with a 3-star or higher rating they can now reach out to a Lifestyle Manager, who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Lifestyle Manager then works with the hotel to address and resolve the problem the cardholder is having. What if the Lifestyle Manager can’t fix the problem? At that point, they will get the cardholder a stay at a comparable hotel so they can finish out their trip the way they intended.

The Lowest Hotel Rate Guarantee

Hotel stays can get expensive and most people are looking to get the best rate they can whether their trip is for work or pleasure. Now with the new Lowest Hotel Rate Guarantee, Mastercard makes sure that World and World Elite cardholders get the best bang for their buck.

What happens if they pay a higher price with Mastercard’s Travel & Lifestyle Service and then find one on a travel site that is cheaper? At that point, Mastercard will refund them the difference.

Book with Mastercard to get these guarantees

How do Mastercard World and World Elite cardholders take advantage of the new Hotel Stay Guarantee and Lowest Hotel Rate Guarantee? They must book via Mastercard’s Travel & Lifestyle Service, which has been upgraded to include these guarantees.

People can book hotels via the website, but cardholders located in the U.S. can also call one of their agents in order to book their travel in real time. The telephone number is 1-855-802-1387.

What about cardholders located outside the U.S.? They also get access to these new guarantees, since they are available offline in 37 markets around the world. Mastercard will be adding digital platforms in the future.