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News: Reopening of Global Entry Office at LAX -

The closure of the Global Entry office at Los Angeles International Airport has ended. The office is finally reopening.

The Global Entry office was closed this summer for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents to travel to the border with Mexico to help with a "humanitarian" and "security" crisis. That happened just as applications for Global Entry card increased. Many travelers couldn't complete their application during the summer and fall as the Global Entry program requires all new applicants to complete in-person interviews as a part of the application process.

During the LAX office closure, applicants had to use the nearest CBP office, which is in Long Beach.

The reopening of the LAX office does not mean that the office will start working at its full capacity. As Jamie Ruiz, a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said, officers will need time to reintegrate and adjust. Due to that, the office will be able to handle about 150 interviews a day instead of the 250 applicants a day under normal conditions. When operations are completely back to normal, the office will start working at full capacity.

To apply for Global Entry, visit Customs and Border Protections how-to-apply page. The address for the Los Angeles office and other Global Entry offices can be found here.