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News: Southwest Airlines Gives More Points This Summer -

While travel is not a recommended activity right now due to COVID-19, some airlines still come up with promo offers to encourage you to travel now or at a later day. Thus, Southwest Airlines is offering double Rapid Rewards points for travel this summer.

Southwest's new promotion comes under the slogan "Freedom to hope, to plan, to dream" and entices people to travel now and throughout this summer offering them 2X Rapid Rewards points for every flight they complete between May 12 and August 31.

Here's what you can earn participating in this promotion:

  • Receive 12 bonus points per dollar spent on Business Select® fares in addition to standard 12x points (which is 24x points in total)
  • Receive 10 bonus points per dollar spent on Anytime fares® in addition to standard 10x points (which is 20x points in total)
  • Receive six bonus points per dollar spent on Wanna Get Away® fares in addition to standard 6x points (which is 12x points in total)

You need to be a Rapid Rewards member and to register for this promotion to have a chance to earn double Rapid Rewards points for this summer flights. Without registration, members won't be able to earn double points.

Southwest assures and promises that the safety of its employees and customers is and will be the airline's top priority. The carrier implemented additional cleaning practices across the fleet and throughout the day, supports distancing and contact-free interaction, and equips employees with additional protection.