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News: Summer Traveling Styling -

Getting ready to pack your bags and head out for some summer fun? You're not alone, with 8 out of 10 Americans gearing up to do the same thing, according to the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker. When you do the math that equals 195.9 million people traveling this season, with each one planning on spending $941.

Summer fun and travel are an American tradition. "More than any other season, Americans see summer as a chance to take a break from their everyday," said Claire Bennett, executive vice president, American Express Travel. "Beach trips remain the go-to summer vacation, but we're also seeing outdoor activities, such as visiting National Parks and historic landmarks, making a notable appearance on the list of popular summer travel plans."

Millennials Taking Off

Millennials lead the way when it comes to summertime travel, out planning the general population - (89% vs. 80%), even though they are pretty busy and planning on saving their cash in 2016.

Even with travel trending, 11% of Millennials are planning to vacation close to home. Why? Typically, it's because there is a big event coming their way, including having a baby or landing a new job (18% vs 10% general population).

Most Americans get 14 vacation days a year, and they are planning on using eight of them over the summer. To get the most out of those days, weekend getaways are on the agenda for 64%, which is on par with last year.

What weekends? Long holiday weekends of course, including:

• Fourth of July weekend (35%)

• Memorial Day weekend (24%)

• Labor Day Weekend (21%)

Domestic travel trumps international getaways

Will Americans be going overseas? No, 72% are going to be traveling domestically, vs 15% heading out overseas. What are the most popular vacation themes? They are:

• Beach trips (40%)

• Visiting family (34%)

• Road trips (31%)

• Open-air adventures like biking, camping and hiking (21%)

• Trips to national parks (21%)

National Parks? Yes, it is the the National Parks Service Centennial, so it's not surprising that they are on people's to-do list, with 78% interested in heading out to these historic parks, including: Yellowstone National Park (25%), the Grand Canyon in Arizona (22%) and the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island in New York City (22%).