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News: Vendor Hack Compromises Delta’s Credit Card Data -

Several hundreds of thousands of people who have booked tickets with Delta Airlines may have had their credit card data compromised by a cyberattack that occurred at [24], a software company that provides the airline with online chat services. According to Delta, the malware attack took place between September 26 and October 12, 2017. It has been shut down. The attack was limited to Delta’s website because it used the chat function. They have now dropped the chat software from the site.

Delta was informed by [24], about the malware attack on March 28th, and they began their own investigation, bringing on forensic teams, as well as working with law enforcement officials. During the ten-day period of the malware attack, people’s credit and debit card information may have been accessed, along with their names, addresses, credit card expiration dates and CVV number.

At this time, they believe other kinds of personal data were not part of the attack, including passport information, government ID, SkyMiles or security data.

If you didn’t chat you may still be at risk

The malware attack was not limited to those people who used the chat function. Delta points out that people who did not use the chat option when using the site may still have been affected.

On the other hand, people who used the Delta app, the mobile platform or Delta Wallet reportedly were not affected by this incident.

Free credit monitoring from Delta

Delta is providing people who believe they may have been affected with access to free credit monitor services for two years, and they indicate that customers will not be responsible if their payment cards are used fraudulently as a result of this incident.

Delta will be reaching out to people who they believe were impacted by the hack.

People who used the website during the ten-day window of the malware attack can visit the website Delta has set up. On the website, there are links that help people sign up for the free protection services.

They also suggest that customers check their credit card statements. If any charges appear that they did not make, they should contact their issuer ASAP.

Delta has set up a website for their customers to get more information.