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Well, it is common practice that credit lenders inquire a credit score when you want to get a loan and it doesn't matter what kind of loan you are applying for.

You can as well request your report from one of the consumer-reporting agencies. Well, actually it is necessary to do from time to time to check it for the mistakes and errors. Believe me, errors occur and nobody will correct them if you won't alert.

To get your credit score and credit report, you should address the major credit bureaus - Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You may request your score from one of these bureaus but it is better to get it from all of them in order to get the whole picture of your credit history and credit score.

Knowing your credit score you will be able to choose the card which right for you. This also will lessen the risk of being unapproved.  To apply for a major credit card you should have at least good credit score which starts from somewhere 705. There're no doubts that credit card issuer will want to ensure your score is good enough for the credit card you apply.

As all credit lenders require your credit score you'd better not to apply for a credit card too often. Repeating inquiries from lenders may affect your score in a bad way. If you applied for a card and was denied let some time to pass. It will better if you apply again in six month. And if your score isn't high enough for a desired credit card it will be wise to wait a bit more and work on your credit score.

And the last, although all credit card issuers check your credit score before approving you, you can avoid this if you apply for a card that offers no credit check. But typically this is for those who have bad credit history.