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Unfortunately you can't. The Burkes Outlet credit card is only good at Burkes Outlet store locations and for online purchases from Burkes website. If you want to use your card at other stores, you should consider a general credit card since they're accepted just about everywhere.

If you'd still like to receive rewards and discounts for purchases that you make, a general rewards credit card is a good option. If you get the right card you'll earn even more rewards than you would with the Burkes card. Plus you'll get rewards on every purchase, not just purchases from Burkes.

General rewards credit cards come in all shapes and sizes. There are many no-fee options, but some of the best cards charge an annual fee. You should carefully consider the benefits of those cards before applying. If you do use them to their full potential, they can more than cover the cost of the annual fee because you'll be earning more rewards and enjoying special perks.