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Excellent credit is not necessary, but this card will not be given to those with bad credit either. If you have bad credit and try to apply for a card or a line of credit of any kind that you are not qualified for this may harm your credit even further. Remember that they have certain offers that have variable interest rates that will be based on your credit profile. So the lower your credit score is, the higher your interest rate will be. With rates as high as 26.99%, you will want to make sure to pay your bill on time to avoid high fees.

We would also like to refer that Lowe's credit cards can only be used at their stores, also they doesn't give you rewards on your purchases. The current Lowe's credit card offers a 5% discount on your purchase. If you want to maximize your savings, we recommend you to apply for regular credit cards. These cards give you rewards with every purchase in any store.