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Getting a credit card is top priority for most people irrespective of their age or social status. Having your own independence in terms of being able to pay is all important and a credit card provides just that above all other things. There are so many specifications however that people need to fulfill in order to get a fair credit rating. A fair credit rating means they have an average score which is somewhere at an average mark of say 650. It does not mean impeccable scores, but fair enough to get the first unsecured credit card that you have been waiting for. Fair credit is what a large number of people have today and having a judgment on your credit report can be daunting but it is not a block to acquiring a card.

A judgment on a credit report is not something complicated; it simply indicates that the person has to repay an amount imposed by a court sentence. This does tend to affect credit scores however so if you have a fair credit score you may end up slipping lower and having a poor one. It is best to have a reasonably good credit score so that any such issues can balance out without causing too many losses to the person concerned. In addition a judgment would require the person in question to have completed the payment within a specified period of time, thus it is important to complete the process so as to be eligible for better cards in the future.

As is the case with bad credit scores or even other situations, there are cards available despite a judgment or a bad score for people. It is of course a fact that such cards would have variable rates of interest or a high interest rate which may cause quite a bit of discomfort to people. Once the payment has been made if the judgment still remains it is possible to write to the credit unions in order to seek its removal. The judgment can be verified as paid on the report and it will be taken off after a certain period of time has elapsed and you can work on your credit score in the meantime. Once things fall into place, you will be eligible to get a good credit card for your purposes. Fair credit and no judgment would be the ideal of course to get a card with lowered interest rates.