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The Venus credit card can only be used at Venus. That includes online purchases, purchases made at retail locations and phone purchases made from the Venus catalog. If you want to use the card at other stores, you should consider getting a different card.

The best option would be a rewards credit card. You will still be able to earn rewards for purchases at Venus even if you don't have a Venus card. Plus you'll earn rewards for all of your other purchases, too. A quick way to boost your reward points is to pay for everything, including recurring bills, with your card. Never use cash or a debit card.

Many general rewards cards will give you more than one point per dollar, making them even more valuable. Depending on the card, you can redeem the points you earn for a variety of rewards, including statement credits.

If you can't pass up the specific perks offered by a store card, like the Venus credit card, consider also getting a general credit card for your other purchases. It’s hard to bet the flexibility of a general rewards credit card.