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You can consider two options here: a credit card with 0% intro APR on purchases or a store credit card. The first one, a credit card with a zero promotional interest rate, can give you the time you need to pay off your purchase at 0% interest. The trick is to pay off the card balance before the promotional period is over, otherwise you will have to pay interest on the remaining and new balance. Some low interest cards may also offer rewards, which is a good chance to save on your purchase. And you can keep such a card to earn rewards on all your future purchases.

Store credit cards may also offer financing options. If you are planning to make your purchase at one retailer, see if they offer a credit card or financing offers. Just remember that store credit cards usually offer deferred interest, not a real zero rate. That means, if you can't pay off the purchase by the end of the promo period, you will be charged interest from the very first day of your purchase. So, you really need to be sure you will be able to pay off the purchase in full if you decide to go with store financing.