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Well, that depends on what feature was it that you liked most about the Fairmont card. Was it the reasonable APR? If that is the case you may want to take a look into a low interest credit card. These are credit cards that are offered by various banks, which are made specifically for individuals seeking a credit card with a low APR. Or if it was access to the Fairmont president's club that you enjoyed, there really aren't too many credit cards I would be able to recommend.

But you noted that you have stopped traveling so this is probably not a perk you need. Look for a rewards card like the Discover it® Miles. This card allows you to earn unlimited 1.5 miles on all purchases and redeem them for any travel expenses, including hotel stays. What is more, all the miles you earn are matched at the end of the first year, providing you're a new cardmember. For example, if you earn 35,000 miles, you get 70,000 miles. No annual fee and no foreign transaction fee are also advantages of this card.