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Having a credit card and learning to use it right are two completely different things. You need to learn your way around using it so that you can make the right choices and make sure you do not make mistakes that will cost you dearly. Wealthy people seem to have it all made, always the best cards, lots of money to pay whatever interest rates may be on it and no one seems to get affected by any mistakes or wrong decisions. This is a common misconception. The higher end card you have, the greater your chances of botching things up if you get bad credit history.

Common credit mistakes of the wealthy are something that you should look into to avoid doing the same if you belong here. Firstly bad credit affects everybody irrespective of their financial status or standing. Only difference is some can afford it while others can`t! You need to know some facts in order to keep your credit history clean and your credit scores at a high level. Firstly make sure that you are not overspending on the credit card. You may have a large credit limit and lots of money, but creditors feel safer when they see consumers spending less. When a creditor sees the consumer is maxing out on the card then it creates issues.

Another mistake many people make is that they ignore their credit reports. They fail to see their credit reports or bother with it at all. Whether they are wealthy or not they have to look at their credit scores and what is on their reports so they know what is affecting their credit and is it is dipping they can do what they need to fix it in such a case. It is also essential to be able to stay focused on the goals they have with regard to their credit so as to avoid making any valuable mistakes.

Another common error that can lead to bad credit history is by assuming that just because you earn more you automatically will have a higher credit score. Your income really does not do much for your credit score. It`s what you do with it that matters. Paying on time, making sure you do not have large outstanding mounts on your card and spending responsibly are all important to maintaining a clean and good credit record for yourself and to secure your future finances.