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Most people would feel that in the light of markets beginning to stabilize and people still out of jobs, a low APR rate credit card is a good option. Cards offering a low APR can be quite advantageous, however be sure that you know till when the APR is going to be low, if there will be changes following the promotional period clarify that your interest rates are not going to be over the top and you cannot afford it. Most cards following a low interest rate during a promotional offer will revert to 12-15 %.

When looking for your card, pick one that offers u 0% on balance transfer and purchases. Be sure that you do not default on your payments or you may end up paying a really high interest rate as you have broken the agreement by being a defaulter. A low APR card can be an advantage when it allows you to stick with the same card for a long period of time without having to switch between other cards offering better interest rates. You need to buy using your card very carefully so that you pay what you charged for before you buying more.

If you keep switching your card too many times, then it looks bad on your credit report so it is not a good idea. Some cards also do not allow you to make a balance transfer once you have done that already. There is also the added problem of having to pay transfer fees each time you decide to do a balance transfer on the card for a better deal.

In order to be allowed to have a low APR credit card, you need to have good credit scores. When you apply for a credit card if you are declined the agency is bound to give you a credit report stating clearly why you have been declined.

It is important to check your credit report, to see that you can clarify all points of contention if there is a wrong accusation in your credit report. If you have no prior credit history however you need to be picking a bank that has been working with you and where you have had a regular salaried account. It allows people to be eligible for credit more easily. If you have a high credit score, you can easily get one of the credit cards which offer you rewards for using it like cash back, discounts, hotel deals and more.