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Many immigrants who come to the U.S. dream of a better life and better living conditions etc. However, their credit history is most often not accessible since laws relating to credit information vary from one nation to another. Thus it becomes imperative to have the necessary set of documents in order to build up a good credit history which could in turn go a long way in the future.

Since the credit history of an individual is so critical in our day-to-day dealings it is essential to establish the same as soon as possible especially in case of immigrants. Otherwise day to day dealings could turn into a frustrating experience for the individual.

In case of an immigrant who is not in a position to furnish the necessary details, it would become impossible to avail a loan without the lender having access to the credit history. Regulations with regard to consumer protection policy as well as the data privacy laws prevent countries from sharing this bit of credit information with lenders in other countries. Even in instances where the laws are inapplicable, there are differences in credit reporting patterns and the varying formats make it virtually impossible to share any information whatsoever.

Emigrating from one country to another would mean leaving behind one's credit data. This means that one would have to start all over again. One would get stuck until such time that one can establish their credit history. Building a credit history is time consuming and lenders will not take the risk with an individual who has no credit history.

In order to build a credit history in the U.S. one has to follow a few useful tips such as:

• Be frank and open with the lender and explain the situation before submitting the application form. This would help save time and the lender would be able to help if there is proof of income or by making a large deposit etc.

• Hold a hard copy or one's credit history (preferably in English). Lenders may consider that bit of information.

• Speak with the current employer and get them to be a co-signatory in order to get a debit card etc.

• Talking to companies that one has already dealt with, in their home country is useful.

Reestablishing relationships with the same company in a foreign country would not be so difficult if one can manage to leverage the credit history while applying for the new card.