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Unfortunately, there is no credit card that is offered by H&M. Although they do not offer a credit card, there are still ways for you to collect rewards on the purchases you make from H&M. If you’ve heard of the H&M Club, you probably know that it’s good place to start when it comes to earning H&M rewards. By becoming a member, you get the H&M Club card, which serves as the closest thing to an H&M rewards card. Every time you present your H&M Club card when you make a purchase, you will receive points which can be redeemed to unlock offers, discounts and access to exclusive events.

Aside from the H&M Club, you can always earn rewards by applying for a regular rewards credit card. By using one of these cards, you will be able to earn rewards on your H&M shopping and redeem them on a wide range of options. For example, you may choose from cash back rewards credit cards.

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