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Chase has a Balance Liquidation Program which would be a good option for your Chase credit card debt. You will need to contact the bank directly and ask if they could accept you in this Chase's liquidation program and offer an affordable payment plan. But before you do this, you will need to make some preparations.

First of all, you need to look at what you owe and how much you earn and spend each month. Write everything down on a list of paper to make sure you have it handy. Also, you should be able to explain what led you to current situation, you can write it down as well and even practice saying it out loud. Remember, you are not the only person who has dealt with a situation like this, so don't be afraid to be honest about your circumstances.

Then make sure you have your card, or your account information written down where you can easily find it, and keep your notes close by. It's also a good idea to have your checking account information handy, including your account number and routing number, in case you want to set up automatic payments with your card issuer.

Now when you are ready for a call, get ready to spend some time on the phone - get comfortable, try to be in a quiet place where you can concentrate, don't chew gum or eat, but keep a big glass of water next to you in case your mouth gets dry. You may need to navigate a few menus to get to a customer service representative, and once you do, you might be transferred a couple of times. Be prepared to tell your story a few times until you get to the right person.

Once you reach the right Chase representative, answer patiently to all his or her questions. In the best-case scenario you will be offered a Chase credit card payment plan. You can be offered a lower APR and a low monthly payment.

The Chase's Balance Liquidation Program does not work like bankruptcy - participating in the program won't hurt your credit (though it's always a good question to ask your customer service representative, as programs do vary). You may even see some improvement to your credit history after a couple of months of on time payments.

Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and just talk to your credit card company as credit card companies usually offer balance liquidation at no fee. The voice on the other end of the phone belongs to a person who may have been in a similar situation, or who is eager to help you. Be polite but firm, patient but persistent, and you might be surprised what you are offered.