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Credit cards are not easy to deal with, but if you use them carefully, you can really be sure that you will not end up with overwhelming bills. When you use your credit cards efficiently you can end up with a fairly good credit score. Most people tent to lose focus about how they should use their cards and hence end up with one too many losses. Most of the American population has a fair credit history - it is neither exceptionally good nor very bad. The important thing is to focus on improving it and make sure it does not go down beyond a point. Proper communication is essential and you should also be able to keep track of the payments from time to time and decide what moves to make next. Being able to communicate with the creditors in the right way is important to be able to keep a track of any mistakes that may be on it.

People who have fair credit scores can work on it and improve things by doing the right credit practices. You should be able to pay your monthly payments on time and thus maintain good records over time. If at all you wish to opt for a better credit card despite just having a fair credit score then you can get the card with the help of a co-signor. However you have to make sure that you do not make mistakes and end up losing all your hard earned score because of your co-signor's mistakes. With a co-signed card both party are equally responsible for any negatives that may happen and also for positive effects that occur.

If you want to be able to maintain your score you should make sure that you subscribe to a credit score from all three credit unions to get a clear idea of how things stand. When you have a clear idea of exactly how things stand you will be able to negotiate better with creditors and agencies to get a good card and reasonable rewards for your needs. You can also work at getting good interest rates and then pay off the outstanding amount soon. Make sure that if you want to keep a fair credit score you steer clear of any mistakes that will affect it negatively. Taking positive steps will also make sure you stand in good faith with the creditors who will look at your past history.