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One of the biggest charges that you might have come across with credit cards in modern days would probably have to be the annual percentage rate. In most cases, this is normally a high number which will result in you paying substantially more for your expenses than what you would have. Hence, in order to avoid this and ensure that you don`t make a bigger payment than necessary, it is important to check this out and ensure that you don`t have a very unreasonable amount to pay on your credit card.

In order to get a low APR card, you need to first have a very good credit score. With a good credit score, creditors will have the confidence that you will not end up defaulting on your payments, and that you will actually make all the payments on time. Maintaining your credit score is a different ordeal altogether, but you should have understood by now as to how this might be possible. It doesn`t really take a lot of time and the number of benefits of a good credit score are simply too many to be listed. Hence, even if you don`t care about the APR, maintaining your credit score is something you should give importance to.

Some credit card providers offer Low APR on certain cards in order to boost their popularity. Hence, if they are introducing a new credit card in the market, they might want to make sure that people take note of this. One way that they go about doing this would be by offering a really low APR on the card. This is something that has worked in the past and still does so, quite flawlessly at that. You should identify such cards and apply for them, so that you can start saving money and get a better deal on your credit card.

Finally, low APR is also provided to loyal customers who stick with a bank for an extended period of time. Hence, if you plan on getting a truly low APR amount that is not advertised to others, you should work on sticking to one bank for a long time. This is something that seems to have worked for others that stick to the same financial institution for years at a stretch. You might also get some other special offers that are provided only to the loyal customers who are out there.