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Prepaid debit cards are easy to use and manage money. Money transfers can also be completed using a prepaid card. One can gain access to the money on payday instantly, without having to wait for the paycheck in a long queue. Even with checks, one would have to pay the cashing fee or the bank charges. All of this could be avoided if the salary is deposited onto the PayCard every month by the employer. Using the card along with the PIN number can access the funds. The PayCard is a debit card by MasterCard, which can be used just as any other debit card. This card would enable the cardholder to store the money and access it easily through any ATM. The PayCard can also be used to make purchases in all areas where the MasterCard is accepted, which is over a 29 million worldwide.

Uses of the PayCard:

• It could be used to shop online, over the phone, or in any store.

• One can use the card for cash withdrawals at any ATM in the United States as well as anywhere around the world. There is absolutely no surcharge on cash withdrawals at MoneyPass ATM's.

• One could use the cash-back option at any of the supermarkets, retail chains, or convenience stores without any additional cost.

• Money transfers can be done through PayCard both domestically as well as internationally.

• Automatic bill payments.

There are two different ways to get money into the PayCard, either through Money Transfer or Payroll Direct Deposit. Money could be transferred between Pay Cards such as transferring money to a family member through another PayCard. Employers can directly transfer the salary to the PayCard of the employee.

No Cost PayCard:

• There is absolutely no charge involved in obtaining a PayCard.

• No fees to pay, such as monthly or annual fees.

• Getting cash-back at the point of sale is free while making purchases using PayCard.

• Online is free of any charge. One could generate a statement or check balance without paying any charge.

• Irrespective of the amount that is transferred, ATM withdrawals charge of $1.50 and cash transfers electronically from card-to-card are charged $0.50.

The issuer of the PayCard is Elan Financial Services. It is a comprehensive provider with approximately 40 years experience in the industry. There has been a merger of resources and institutions, as well as major contributions that has driven the growth aspect of the payment services industry.