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Establishing a credit history does not mean you have to go into debt. Good credit is a tool, and an essential thing for most people to have. When you apply for a mortgage, a business loan, an apartment, or even a job, people will look at your credit score to help them determine whether you are a person who can be trusted to pay back you debts. Therefore, if you want to ever be able to buy a home, start a business, rent an apartment or get your dream job, it's important to establish credit and maintain a good credit score. It's a reality of life these days. Think of your credit score as a general indicator of your financial health, like blood pressure is for your body. Building a credit history is easier than you think, and if you are wise and responsible, you'll have excellent credit before you know it. For example, you can start with getting a shopping credit card of your favorite store like REI or another. They will send reports to credit bureaus and build your credit history.