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This is something that happens to lots of people, so there's no need to panic. Repairing credit takes some patience, and often plenty of time, but it will happen if you can follow a few guidelines and be strategic about your credit use. The first thing to do is set up a payment plan to pay off all your debts, if you haven't yet done that. If you have any outstanding balances, or any unpaid accounts, you need to bring them up to speed immediately. Get all your accounts in good standing, and start to pay them down. This should help your credit at least a little bit, right away. Make all your payments on time, chip away at those balances, and soon your credit will be on the mend. Don't apply for another card until you start to see your credit score creeping up; once it is beginning to look better, look for a card meant for folks with limited credit, or customers who are rebuilding their scores. Then slowly get back into the credit game, paying for a few smaller purchases on your card each month and paying them off in full. Be sure that the card you have is reporting to credit bureaus, so your credit history begins to reflect your careful and responsible credit behavior. Your credit will be healthy again before you know it.