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There are still numerous people who have not had or used credit cards in all of their life. Mostly they may have been living a very different life until then and have decided that they would like to try their hand at it. The problem is, you do not have a credit history without a credit card. And banks will not be willing to give you a credit card without a credit history. As you can see it looks like a no win situation. When you want a credit card, and you have not been using it before, it can be difficult but no impossible to get a credit card. There are enterprises that have resolution for numerous others like you who have been in the same situation.

Firstly you need to pull up your bank records. When you have had a steady bank account that is active and is a salaried one you are one step ahead of others with no credit history. This will be ample proof to bankers that you are a reliable and stable individual who can be given a credit card. When you have a bank account, you can also apply for small personal loans. With timely payment and resolution of the loan you will have established a credible credit history and you are one step closer to getting your first credit card.

You can also use your employment history to your advantage. If you have been steadily working with the same company for the past ten years and faring well, that in itself is a good sign to creditors. You can get into talks with banks and have your papers in order for the background check. This will make your creditor see that you have been holding a steady job with a steady income the last ten years and can be trusted.

Monthly bills and payments on utilities are also a good way to show your financial management skills. It shows you have been on time and worked out all your bills with money to spare. They will get an idea of your expenses versus you income and see that you are very much eligible for a credit card. If nothing else you can start off with a secured credit card where you pay a deposit before hand to get the credit card. This will teach you to spend carefully and then with a fair credit history you can move to an unsecured credit card alter.