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Shopping and payments can be made easy with the use of credit cards. That is, if you have a card that works for your lifestyle and spending preferences. But how do you get that kind of card? Yes, it can be very dizzying with all the offers out there but there is actually a way to pick the right one that will suit your needs. Here are 3 questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about getting a credit card:

What do I need the card for?

This is ultimately the first question you should ask yourself before even applying for a card. Using your card can have all the benefits at your side if you know what you will use it for so you can know HOW to use it in the first place. Assessing your needs can be tough at first but once you know what you want, you`ll tend to have something to look out for rather than just choosing an offer that you will eventually regret as you go on.

You can use it for convenience - this means you wouldn`t have to carry all your money as you shop or pay for a bill. For work - you can use a card in your business. For leisure - you can enjoy the rewards from the company as you use your card more and etc. Students too, can apply for credit cards. But it will have a different approach from the usual.

Will I be able to maintain it?

Credit card companies have different APR (or annual percentage rate) that they will charge as you use the card. This is kind of a "maintenance fee" for using the card. As you use the card, you will be charged but some companies give you points corresponding to how often you use your card.

You have to pay this unless you want to have a growing debt to your card company. Late payments or skipped payments will have penalties put on them; companies have differing rates so you better check these out. If you think that you won`t be able to pay for them, you should think twice before applying for a card.

Can I maximize the use of the card?

Potentially, every consumer can maximize the use of his/her card. But, oftentimes, they don`t because they fail to look at the big picture: they don`t see what they will use the card for. Then they end up spending out of control and having huge debts due to the interest rates and overdue payments.

It all goes back to the first question: what do you need the card for? If you are just going to use the card for unnecessary spending without taking advantage of the offers of the card, you can`t use it to its full potential. Knowing what you want or have to do with your card can answer all questions you have in mind about using credit cards. Think hard about it and good luck with your choice.