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Prepaid Visa travel card is one of the many types of visa credit cards available these days. Along with convenience, having a visa card provides added security, with various security measures, Visa card employs against identity thefts and misuse of cards, if stolen.

Visa cards come in handy particularly when traveling locally or even to foreign destinations. Prepaid Visa cards are pre loaded debit cards, which can be used in all places where a visa card is accepted. A prepaid card can be loaded with amounts ranging from $250 up to $10000. A prepaid visa card is a better choice while travelling because it can be easily used at any ATM to withdraw the money. The card can also be used to withdraw money in the local currency of the destination, which is an added advantage to travelers.

Prepaid cards can be reloaded three times before a new card has to be purchased. The reloading process itself is very easy, which involves either reloading it by phone or using internet to reload the account. The user will have the knowledge of exact amount spent, since it is a prepaid card, and does not have to deal with surprising credit card bills later on. Because it can be easily reloadable from anywhere in the world, the user need not worry about the interest rates and fees of wiring the money, or even dealing with a regular credit card.

Reporting a stolen prepaid card is also easier requiring only a phone call to the company, with the prepaid card number. The card will instantly be frozen and a new card can be issued to the user. Since the bank account is not connected to the card itself, safety is ensured, even when the card is stolen. The amount on the card however will be at risk until the card is frozen.

Visa prepaid cards can be purchased for as low as $10. Every reloading of the card comes with a small processing fee. Also, foreign currency withdrawal, and cash withdrawals in general from ATMs also costs a small amount of money on a per-transaction basis. Prepaid Visa cards have a high fee for overdrafts, so the card must be used cautiously not to exceed the prepaid amount. Also, ATM usage must be controlled since the transaction fees might add up and work out to be a costly affair. There is also an inactive account fee for a prepaid visa card, so it is advisable to purchase the card only at the required time.