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When you shop a lot at one particular retailer, it may be worth having a credit card offered by that retailer. The reason is simple – you can improve your credit score and save a lot on your purchases because store cards give access to discounts, special offers and sometimes rewards. More than that, some store credit cards may be more rewarding than regular credit cards offered by major banks. However, when you have a store credit card you should be aware of possible risks of being a cardholder. First of all, store credit cards usually come with high interest rates and if you do not pay the card balance in full, you may accrue an unpayable debt. Next is rewards. Rewards can be a blessing and a curse. And if you know you can easily be succumbed to sales, discount deals and promotional offers, we would recommend you to stay away from store credit cards. As you can see, store credit cards can be good deals but only when used wisely.