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So you are a big spender who loves the very idea of shopping? You have a steady income and double it up with a good purchasing spirit as well? Credit card companies love such people and you can make the best out of this opportunity by looking for the best credit cards for the big spenders. With the great competition between credit card companies, there are numerous incentives that customers can avail. Those who spend well, but pay their monthly bill on time will have a very good credit history which increases their chance of getting a very good credit card.

If you are looking for the best credit cards, take a look at three criteria. These are the cash back offers and the rewards, the monthly interest rate and added incentives like starting interest is zero % or additional midterm bonuses etc. A great example is one of the cards from Motiva which had a very good incentive feature. If a customer paid 6 monthly bills on time, he or she would get a bonus which is equivalent to the interest on the monthly bill for the 7th month. This is really a very good offer for some of you who have massive balances on the credit card, but are duly paid off by the end of the month.

Another interesting feature is the varying initial term period. If a credit card offers you a very low interest rate and yet gives you, say 3% interest during the first 6 months on all purchases, which is 10% less than the normal interest rate for good customers, you can definitely feel the credit card is worth it. Similarly some credit cards take the offer of cash back to the next step. They offer you up to 20% cash back for your expenses during the weekend. You might even get 5 times more reward points on some credit cards. If you have big shopping expenses where you purchase a new appliance or pay off some big balances on other cards, you can make the most out of it for almost no interest during the intro period.

Similar offers extend for the air miles cards mostly from American express. You can get double the air miles by select purchases, which can eventually be redeemed in the form of business class tickets to wherever you would to go to in the world.