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Credit card applications are more than just applications to companies for approvals. If rejected, they can decrease the credit score of the individual and takes it a step closer to bad credit history. Being sure that the application is approved is necessary before applying.

Applying for credit cards online will provide an instant reply, in the matter of hours. These are called instant approval credit cards, by the credit card companies. But these cards should not be confused for credit cards that do not need credit checks. The credit check and the processing of the application are done immediately when credit card is applied for, through internet. The approval is immediately sent to the customer, if he or she qualifies through the credit check. Instant approval credit cards must only be applied for, if the credit scores are on the better side of the line. Instant approval cards promise a good reward scheme, and a better interest rate. But individuals applying for instant approval credit cards must be aware of the facts that there will be many hidden clauses attached with it. Instant approval only means that the approval process is faster, but does not mean that the card is ready to use within a day. But because the approval takes a short time, the card arrives faster too, compared to regular credit card applications.

Many beginners applying for credit cards get instant approval credit cards that do not need credit checks. Usually these cards do not have good reward schemes and no special interest rates, but applying for them at least ensures a sure shot approval. Starting with them and building on credit history is a good idea, to qualify for credit card with great reward schemes. Department store credit cards also come with instant approval, but they cannot be used anywhere else other than purchases in that department store. Before applying for these cards to build a credit score, making sure that the store reports to a credit bureau is important. Secure credit cards need the applicant to reserve a deposit with the bank that is issuing the card. Based on the money kept in, the credit limit will be set. This card should only be applied for, to build a good credit score. Otherwise, it does not make sense to keep a balance in the bank for a credit card. Choosing credit card wisely is an important financial decision to make with responsibility. Whatever credit card chosen, spending wisely must become a habit for healthy financial situation.