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The earlier one can get out of bad credit the better, as each day an individual lives with bad credit scores, the drawbacks will continue to keep mounting. The best solution is to find a professional credit service counselor to assist. Like always, one should shop around in order to obtain proper credit repair service.

There are no shortcuts to the process of credit repair, and information on the credit report cannot be tampered or altered. If there are any service providers who make these promises, then it is well beyond doubt that they are involved in fraudulent practices or working a scam.

Some of the key questions one must ask are as follows:

1. What are the services that the company offers free of charge?

Service providers lure customers with offers of free consultation which would basically be a review of the existing debt burden, as well as the options available to the individual. So, check on the consultation fees before engaging the debt consolidation service provider.

2. Can the service provider give a complete list of charges in a hard copy?

If a company refuses to give the full disclosure of the service charges in writing then it would be wise to avoid that company. There should be no hidden costs and there should be transparency with regard to all fees that are charged.

3. What is the fee that needs to be paid upfront?

Reliable companies will always bill the client only when the job is done. If the company insists on all the fees to be paid upfront then simply avoid that company and move on to another one.

4. Is the company accredited or licensed?

The company should be listed with the Better Business Bureau or at least have an accreditation/affiliation with the chamber of commerce. If it is not the case, then, they are not doing legitimate business.

5. Why have complaints filed against you and how many have been filed?

This is a very basic question but very difficult to answer. Do the research on your own as well as find out through other agencies.

6. What type of training do the counselors have and who deal with the credit consolidation?

Insist on a senior to do the job. An amateur dealing with these matters could only make things worse. The person who handles the case should be well trained and experienced.