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A Visa premium card is usually awarded to those customers who have a very good credit history and credit score. The premium card is usually a wonderful rewards and benefits card which hands infinite power to the customer along with lot of prestige too.

You get an auto rental collision damage waiver on this premium card. Usually your vehicle might have collision coverage but when you are in another city using the cabs, you don`t have any coverage. This is when the auto rental collision coverage on your card comes in handy and pays for the damages and the losses you suffer due to collision of the rental vehicle.

You also get a zero liability insurance wherein you can deny any transactions reported on your card which you suspected are fraud transactions and you have nothing to do with those expenditures. Lost or stolen card reporting can be easily done wherever you are in the world by calling to the Visa hotline number. You get access to a cardholder enquiry service for all information pertaining to your credit card.

While travelling one of the features of the premium card that provides you some comfort is the lost luggage reimbursement. If your luggage has been misplaced by the airlines, you will get reimbursement up to certain limit for the cost of whatever you have lost due to the luggage misplacement. This will pull you out of a tight situation when you are stranded in a foreign country without your luggage.

For those who travel a lot, the premium card has couple of interesting services to offer. One is the roadside dispatch wherein you can call the support center for help if your vehicle breaks down on the roadside. You will even receive a rental vehicle to complete your journey and the help in the critical situation is in fact precious. Similarly, there is travel and emergency assistance available for emergency situations during your vacations such as losing wallet, card, health emergency, injury etc. You can always reach the support function of the Visa Premium card.

The Visa premium card also has lot of discounts lined up for you in various segments. You can avail these discounts during travel in airline tickets, hotels, dining and wine, entertainment, sports events and shopping. You could in fact save a lot through the Visa Premium card if you have a high expenditure lifestyle. You can also avail a concierge service at various airports.