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MasterCard has a few brands all of which carry its reputations and services. Consumer cards from MasterCard could be Gold, Standard, Platinum and World each with their own set of benefits, special offers and credit limits.

Un-embossed credit cards from MasterCard are also part of the whole group and each of these cards can be used over a whopping 24 million locations all over the world which makes MasterCard, such a powerful brand that can be used anywhere and everywhere and is highly useful at the time of crisis too. The large network of MasterCard also makes it such a trusted brand which is why customers always look for special offers and services when they shop around, anywhere in the world. Also statistics show that 16% more is spent by customers at stores that accept a MasterCard showing the amazing reach and popularity of the MasterCard.

The MasterCard Electronic is one of the ways MasterCard constantly innovates to make business solutions and ecommerce easier. This card is different from other cards because it doesn`t have the account information in the form of raised letters. Nevertheless, they are a very valid way of paying merchants for the transactions that are paid electronically. The good thing about these cards which are 100% authorized by issuers is that the payment solution is amazingly secure with flexibility and control for the customers. The card also has lot of risk management features which makes it even more valuable.

The Maestro is another brand of MasterCard which has many benefits. It allows sales to grow from the merchant`s perspective too because of the online debt solutions provided by the card. It also reduces the risk of online transactions and checks which take longer time for processing. Besides payment handling and the costs of that are reduced because as many as 445 million customers all over the world carry the brand mark of Maestro which is incredible and augurs well for the merchants as well because they know where their target base lies. This is why so many stores have it on their signage that they accept MasterCard as more than 80% of the people take a decision of the store from the signage. Issuers of the card also add the Maestro brand to the cash cards, which allows them to use it across a greater platform, making it more convenient for customers and card issuers.