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If you want a card to carry with you to shops and use everywhere and to earn rewards at hotel stays, we recommend you to choose a general rewards credit card. Travel credit cards offer good rewards on all categories, there are usually increased rewards for travel purchases. The most versatile card you may encounter is the Discover it® Miles. This card is a real gem, it combines all you like about travel cards. There are 1.5 miles on all purchases, so you can purchase almost anything and still get rewards. If you do a lot of shopping, the rewards will pile up very fast. More than that, Discover awards its loyal customers. Instead of an impersonal sign-up bonus that other cards give you, Discover offers a welcome bonus which shows that all is in your hands. All miles that you've earned by the end of the first year are matched for new cardmembers. The more you earn, the more you'll receive. For example, 35,000 earned miles will give you 70,000 miles in total. If you put all your spendings onto Discover, you can easily beat the sign-up bonuses on most cards.

And unlike most cards, Discover doesn't have any annual fee, so you won't lose anything of what you've earned during the year. There is also no foreign transactions fee.