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All major credit card companies run a credit check before approving a credit card application. This makes it difficult for people with no credit history to apply for credit cards like Visa or Master cards. However, there are some options to explore, for people looking to build credit history on a fresh note.

For students, it is easier to start because many major banks and credit card companies offer student credit cards without running credit checks. These cards might need a valid student ID to apply. Another option is to apply for a credit card with a co-signer. If the co-signer has valid credit history, then the application will be approved, but the co-signer will be liable for any missed payments on the card.

There are cards other than the regular credit cards that can be helpful in building a credit history and give the spending power to customers. secured credit cards work just like normal credit cards. To get approved for a secured credit card, applicant must keep a specified sum of money as a security in the bank issuing the credit card. The security amount will act as a guarantee for any missed payment or delayed payment. As long as the credit card bills are paid regularly, the security will remain within the account. The preapproved credit amount depends on the security amount. Almost in all cases, an application for secured credit card is always approved. Inquiring about the card at the local bank can be a good starting point.

Prepaid credit cards are a little different than regular credit cards. They have to be loaded with some cash before they are ready to be used. They can be used only for the amount previously loaded onto them. They offer all the conveniences that the regular credit cards offer, plus let the users decide the amount they want to have on the card. This helps manage money better and to avoid late payment fees, penalties for missed payments and even high interest rates. Obtaining approval for these cards is also pretty easy, since they are prepaid in nature. If the card is loaded on a regular basis and used regularly, they can help improve good credit habits.

Starting up with one of these cards will help with the learning process and provide a better understanding of the credit driven economy. It gives the necessary background required to apply for a credit card and manage finances efficiently.