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Many people are realizing that having a credit history is as important as having a social security number. It is a big part of an individual`s identity, what they can do and what they cannot in terms of their finances, insurance, mortgage, loans and even employment. In each of these situations, a person`s credit history is often a very decisive factor. What does this mean for people with no credit history? It is dangerous today to have bad credit history; unfortunately not having any credit history is tantamount to the same thing in many cases.

If you have been neglecting to get a credit card because you are worried about the implications for your monthly earnings, then it is high time you set aside your fears and opted for one. What you should know is that there are options in the market to have fair credit and you need not spend large amounts in order to achieve this goal. Having a credit card with an acceptable credit limit and making regular purchases on it that can be closed every month are a great deal for most people.

Maxing out your cards and having a large credit limit is not as vital! In fact maxing out your card tends to affect your credit history adversely. You also need to be careful that you do not apply for too many credit cards. It is best to have an average of three or four cards. When you have one too many of them, you cannot keep track of all of them and then you find that the payments just keep adding up. Never use one credit card to pay off the bills on another either, eventually you may end up with too many bills and not enough money. It is important to strike a balance between what you charge to your credit cards and what you can afford.

Make sure you get a fair credit card with a reasonable fee and APR. Inordinately high interest rates can be difficult to deal with. It is important to be able to pick out the right cards to suit your needs and also to check that you do not get carried away by too many rewards and deals. If you end up with overly expensive credit cards you may find that your bills just keep increasing. When you have enough money to pay for your cards you can make a more informed choice.