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The best things about applying online for an instant approval credit card is that one can choose amongst the best offers on cards available and get an approval instantly. One would usually receive the decision on the credit card application in a matter of minutes. While in some cases, more time would be required in order to process the online application and in such cases the individual would be notified at later stage. Normally for someone with a good or excellent rating it is easier to get an approval. An applicant would not need to wait for weeks to find out if the application has been approved or not. So in such cases one would have a choice to opt for another issuer in case the application is declined, and therefore, would be in a better position to make comparisons. However, one has to wait for the instant credit cards to arrive via mail before one can use it. This normally takes anywhere between 5 to 7 working days.

Companies that offer instant approval credit cards make the decision online based primarily on the credit score of the individual and also by matching the social security number, phone number as well as proof of address. The information that has been submitted online would be verified by the issuer before mailing the credit card. Based on this information the credit limit would be decided by the issuer. It is always better not to apply for more than 2 cards at a time as too many applications could wreak havoc with respect to the credit score of an individual.

The first step is to search online for the instant approval card offers and make a comparison of which card would be best suited for you. Applications could be filled online on secure websites that are linked to the major banks. Issuers normally do their best to give an instant response as much as possible. However, there may be delays due to unavoidable circumstances and could take a little more time, it is advisable to check on the interest rates before applying.

There are cards with better offers and better features as well. For someone who wishes to do a balance transfer there are cards with 0% APR's that works very well. These offers are made for an introductory period and works very well and, there are also cards with low interest rates, rewards and cash back.