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In order to manage your finances in the right way, you should be able to sort out your credit issues and manage your money well. There are no short cuts to this or to getting fair credit; it is a lifelong process which gets affected by every choice you make. The more planning that goes into your decision the better your chances to reach a positive record or result with your credit card. When you have a credit card, you must make every effort to make sure you know where you stand on matters of credit. Credit can influence everything in your life such as what you can afford in a loan or mortgage, what sort of insurance deals are available and applicable to you and more.

When you have a credit card, make sure you keep yourself updated with your credit report by ordering your free copy annually. If at all you are ordering it, make certain it is a merged report from all three credit unions so you have the complete picture. Every individual has the right to their report, and if they are denied any service or product on account of their credit score they must be informed. Even in case of being denied employment if your credit history is the reason you have every right to obtain a copy of your report along with why you were denied.

Know your rights according to the fair credit act. Your creditors cannot call you at all hours or continually try to reach you at inappropriate hours or through inappropriate means. Contacting your place of work unless agreed upon by you or talking to others about your debt is uncalled for and can be reported as wrong practices to the federal trade commission. According to the fair credit reporting act, you also can contact and confirm with the federal trade commission about any conflicts in your bills and are not required to make a payment until the issue is resolved.

When you have a fair credit score you may be receiving emails saying you have been preapproved but do not apply for every card that comes your way. Shopping for credit can damage your credit scores and when you are seen as doing this more often then you tend to lose your credibility. Also make sure that you know what you owe and pay up in regular installments to settle the debts sooner.