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You can use both of Disney cards anywhere Visa is accepted, since they are Visa. As for the rewards, it's different. With the Disney® Visa® Card, you'll earn rewards on all purchases, but just 1% back. With the Disney® Premier Visa® Card, it's better as you earn 2% cash back on selected purchases and 1% back on all purchases. However, be prepared to face a $49 annual fee which will eat away some of your earnings. If you count those earnings, you'll see that a general rewards card will be better than any of the Disney cards. For example, the Discover it® Miles credit card gives you 1.5 miles on all purchases. Those miles can be easily redeemed just like cashback. Besides, Discover matches all your earned miles at the end of the first year of usage if you are a new cardmember. For example, if you earn 35,000 miles during the year, you'll get 70,000 miles. You may spend those miles on additional merchandise or a trip to Disneyland, if you like.

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