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Instant approval credit cards as the term suggests, are not credit cards which are provided immediately. They are called instant approval credit cards because they usually take less time to be approved and sent to the applicant. The process of an instant approval credit card is very easy, and saves far more time for the applicants than the normal credit card application process.

Credit card customers who have a lower credit rating and are looking for urgent credit are better off applying for an instant approval credit card. This is because a normal credit card approval involves a lot of checks, which would take time. If one needs a credit card urgently, they might have to apply for multiple credit cards at the same time. This is not advisable, because it would show up in your credit history and negatively affect your credit rating. An applicant applying for multiple credit cards appears to be desperate for credit. This is the reason most credit card issuers who see many rejected applications in the credit history of the applicant, tend to steer away from the individual.

On the other hand, in case of an instant approval credit card, the applicant has to apply for credit cards online. The first advantage is that you can look for several credit card offerings from various issuers and choose the best option. The next benefit is that you save time by uploading documents required almost immediately, instead of a credit card executive to approach you for all the right documents. Moreover, the online submission process ensures that all your information is absolutely safe. Handing over documents to another person could lead to a case of information theft, which should be avoided at all costs. The biggest benefit of instant approval credit cards is once the approval process starts.

As soon as the documents are submitted, there is an immediate credit check and the candidate is informed in a day or two, if he or she is being considered for the credit card option in question. This will allow the applicant to apply for other credit cards in case their credit card application has been rejected. This will also help avoiding multiple credit card applications that negatively affect the credit rating of the individual. Although the interest rates on instant approval credit cards are on the high side, they offer an opportunity to improve upon the credit scores.