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Unfortunately, the answer is no, a prepaid card like the Bluebird card will not help you improve your credit score. Because a prepaid card allows you to spend your own money, not access a line of credit, it is not actually showing your creditworthiness. Your activity will not be reported to credit bureaus, so it will not affect your credit score in any way. That does not mean, however, that a prepaid card isn't a useful tool to manage your money. If you would like an alternative to a traditional checking account, a prepaid card is a great option. If you need to establish or build credit, you will want to apply for a regular credit card that gives you a line of credit and reports your activity to credit bureaus. This could be an unsecured card or a secured card. Which one you want will depend on your level of credit. If it is very limited, you may want to consider a secured card. With this type of card, you'll put down a deposit that acts as collateral, in case you default on your debt. The deposit amount will become your credit limit. There are a variety of great secured and unsecured credit cards to choose from.