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While looking for an instant approval credit card, there are some facts that one has to bear in mind. The whole process of applying for an instant approval credit card starts with the individual applying online, for an instant approval card. The application is filled and duly submitted online.

This bit of personal, as well as financial information is then sent to the issuer's database to check the person's credentials along with applicant's eligibility. The first thing that is noticed is a person's credit rating. Most often people tend to get confused with the term "instant approval" as it is misleading. The issuers take about 60 seconds to verify the applicants, if they have been approved or not. So the meaning of instant approval only holds good to a point and no further than that.

This is quite natural as the credit bureaus will in turn take some time to furnish information with regard to the individual's credit history, credit reports and based on that, the applicant will get an approval or disapproval.

A credit score of 720 or above is considered an excellent score, and the applicant will certainly get an approval. So for someone with an excellent score, there should be no problem with the approval. The computer takes about a minute to get to the data.

The notification is then sent to the applicant regarding the approval or disapproval by the issuer. Once the approval is over, the card is mailed to the applicant. However, the card cannot be used immediately as there is a verification process, and only after that, can the card be used. So instant approval, is only to tell you if your application is approved or not, and it should not be confused with instant access. The confirmation of instant approval normally comes, via email.

Even if one has bad credit or poor credit, it is still possible to apply for the instant approval credit cards. Most of the people with bad or poor credit history can get these unsecured credit cards by applying online. The employment details, credit history and income proof is required to submit the application.

However, one must be careful while reading the terms and conditions and must read through the fine print before accepting the card. After going through the card agreement thoroughly, one can accept the card, if it is suitable to one's needs.