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The Sam's Club credit card does not offer any interest free financing options like many other store cards do. And ironically, their credit card does not offer additional rewards other than the standard 1% cash back given on all purchases. However, you can always get the Plus membership which is double the price of the standard membership ($100 versus $45), but may be well worth it depending on the price of the item you are buying and how often you shop there.

The Plus membership is available to everyone and no credit check is required. Having the Sam's Club Plus membership gets you a $10 rewards certificate for every $500 spent.  That is equal to 2% rewards. You do not need the Sam's Cub credit card to have a Sam's Club Plus membership and receive the rewards. There is no additional benefit in using the Sam's Club credit card in conjunction with the Plus membership. In fact the best option for financing a large purchase at Sam's Club would be to use their Plus membership together with a reward reaping credit card with a 0% promotional interest period.