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A prepaid visa credit card has become popular among users for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons for their popularity is that they can be obtained even by people with bad credit history. It is one of the cards that do not check the credit history of the user. The cardholders` own money, first gets deposited in an account, so the bank or financial institute is assured that the bank`s money will not be lost. There are other ways in which pre paid Visa debit cards can be used.

1. One advantage of using prepaid visa credit card is when carrying cash becomes problematic. It becomes very risky to carry a lot of money around. Specially if travelling out of the country, pre paid visa cards are the best options for tourists.

2. These pre paid Visa cards are also safe to be used for online transactions. As they have a certain credit limit so in case the transaction falls in to fraud at hands, there is little risk of loosing large amount of money.

3. Pre paid credit cards are also the best way for gifting cash to a person. Plain cash in hand usually gets spent without any credible reason. A Pre paid Visa card will enable a person to spend on purpose. They can buy anything and anywhere and when the cash gets over the card can be reloaded and reused.

4. These Visa cards are also useful in teaching money management skills to young children. Instead of handing over pocket money directly to the children parents can hand over pre paid Visa cards and allow them to manage their money.

5. In a normal Visa card, users get to spend on credit but at the end of the day they need to repay within the grace period. In case of default or delay in payment, the users have to chuck out a large part of the money as interest charge. This situation is averted in Visa cards. One can spend peacefully as per the amount loaded in the card.

6. The use of pre paid Visa cards also prevents buying spree. Since these cards are not linked to a savings account and also have to be paid first before usage, if the available funds is depleted the card will have to reloaded.