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This answer is fairly simple:  yes, mainly through rewards programs! And also, if you are travelling to a foreign country with a different currency system, you might find a credit card more beneficial than cash. After all, anyone who has been abroad knows the how fumbling and time-consuming currency trade-ins can be.

Rewards programs, though. Let’s focus in on that. There are a lot of travel rewards programs available to you that are worth a good, hard look into. Like frequent flier miles programs, the longtime sweetheart of any card’s rewards program template.

Sure, there have been cutbacks recently, but a lot of cards’ travel rewards programs are still going rather vibrant and strong. Consider the fact that some of these programs allow their trusted users to get pleasant perks such as a free hotel room. That is something that can come quite in handy for someone who is on the go, for either business or pleasure.

One card in particular which can help you a great deal while you are away from home and exploring the world around you: the Starwood Preferred Guest from American Express.

The website NextAdvisor gave this card its highest rating possible. That’s because its points for hotels stay around two cents, as well as its flight redemptions being better than one cent. That sets its competitors apart already.

Similarly, users can then accumulate points for hotels in popular chains like Sheraton, Westin, W, etc. The maximum limit for those points would be five, just for $1.

Why would you want to travel without a rewards program from a credit card having your back, then?

It just depends on the level of travelling you plan to do. Travel rewards credit card programs work well if you are out a lot for your job, as an illustration. Or maybe you just like to be out exploring the Earth a lot, who knows!

Although American Express was brought up earlier as an example, take Visa. For one, Visa offers “TravelMoney” which can be used in place of travelers checks (often a pain). Its benefits include its ease of use as well as its security features.

A credit card is a helpful boon for purchases in overseas locations. But what a traveler needs to consider about pulling out their Visa when on a different continent (or simply another country) is what fees might be tacked onto their prices. Be wary about this step when traveling with your credit card as your companion.

Sure, the freebies and the other gifts attached might be compelling reasons to stick it out, but educate yourself on any hidden costs beforehand.