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Yikes – that is frustrating! But let’s slow down a minute and figure out who’s who.

Visa and MasterCard are credit card networks that process payments; they don’t take your money or issue credit. The ones lending money are banks – though in the case of prepaid cards, they aren’t even lending money, simply putting your money on plastic for your convenience. You may not have been allowed to shop online because the card wasn’t properly registered, but you’ll need to contact your card issuer directly to find out the exact reason.

Look at the back of your card. There should be a phone number to call with questions, and possibly the address of a website where you can go for more information. Here at, we can answer questions about different credit cards and make recommendations about which cards will best meet your needs, but we are not a bank and we do not issue credit cards. Therefore, we cannot answer questions about specific transactions or address issues with your account.

If you’ve loaded money on your prepaid card and find you can’t use it the way you’d like, it should be possible to go to an ATM and withdraw your entire balance in cash, thereby getting your money back and closing the account. However, you should definitely contact the company that issued your prepaid card with specific questions about your prepaid account.

Good luck!