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Most likely you won't be able to renew your old account. You will have to fill out and submit a new credit card application. You can look for a card application form on the gas station's official website or you can visit a local 7-Eleven gas station and ask for assistance. As an alternative and before you apply for the 7-Eleven credit card, we would recommend you to look at other credit cards that offer gas rewards, in case you find a better option for you. If you are going to use the card for gas purchases mostly, then opt for a credit card that will give bigger rewards for gas like it does the Discover it® Cash Back credit card. The card will give you 5% cash back at rotating categories each quarter, like gas stations (up to the quarterly maximum when you activate). All other purchases will earn 1% cash back. If you are going to make your new credit card your primary card, then a credit card with flat rate rewards, like the Discover it® Miles can be a better option for you. The card allows to earn 1.5x miles on all purchases without caps, limits or expiration dates. Both cards have no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees.