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The most significant benefit included with the Giant Eagle Fuelperks credit card is the ability to save money on the gas you buy. For every $50 spent inside Giant Eagle and GetGo, you will receive 4¢ off per gallon on your next fill up. For every $100 spent on fuel at GetGo you will also earn 4¢ off per gallon on your next fuel purchase. There is no limit to the amount of Fuelperks savings you can earn. Additional benefits of being a Fuelperks cardholder include access to online account management as well as no annual fee. Although the card offers savings, it isn’t really all that worth applying for. The card limits you to one gas station and includes an APR of 25.99%. If you do not have a habit of paying off the card balance is full each month, you can accrue a lot of interest, which will eat all your rewards. A better option for you may be a credit card with rewards that has a lower interest rate. Many rewards credit cards have 0% intro rates nowadays, and ongoing interest rates can be low, especially if you have good credit. So we would recommend you compare the Giant Eagle card with a rewards credit card to see which one will save you more.