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Bad credit is a fact of life for many people, so don't feel bad for being in this situation. You will be able to overcome it and have good credit again, but be aware that it can take up to 10 years for the bankruptcy to completely disappear from your credit history. Sooner than that though, your score can be on the rise, if you are careful. First of all, make sure all your accounts are current. Call your credit issuers and ask to arrange payment agreements so your accounts are not reported as delinquent. Make a plan to pay down your debt, and stick with it. Keep your accounts open, if you still have any that haven't been closed by the issuer. Having a longer credit history will help your credit score. Don't apply for any more credit accounts until you've sorted out your current situation. Mostly, what you need is time, combined with a plan to get your accounts current and stay current. Stop charging anything to your credit cards for a while. Soon you'll be back on track to good credit.